2 Quart Slab Pitcher

Rob & Beth Mangum


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Rob & Beth Mangum

While maintaining a strong connection to the folk tradition of craft, Rob and Beth strive to bridge the gap between heritage and contemporary design.

Material: Clay


These pitchers are hand built from slabs of clay with the addition of a pulled handle. The result is a pitcher that’s well balanced, even when it’s filled with a half gallon. This form is good for watering plants.
Rob and Beth Mangum high-fires their pieces for superior durability. Expect slight differences in shape, pattern and glaze.

Watch Beth throw a large bowl on the wheel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hhSHRVPRcE&t=3s

  • Approximately 9″tall x 5″wide x 7″wide w/handle
  • Holds a half gallon
  • Food safe
  • Perfect for every day use
  • Made in NC