Thoughts of Dali

Bill Brown


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  • 50″ x 21″ x 11″
  • Steel; forged
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The Southern Highland Craft Guild (SHCG) is proud to be the host of Forging Ahead: A Blacksmith Invitational exhibition, presented at the Folk Art Center, Asheville, NC, October 6, 2018 – January 27, 2019.  The exhibition is produced in collaboration with the North Carolina Artist- Blacksmith’s Association of North America (NC ABANA).  Artwork from members of both organizations will encompass the exhibition.

The history of blacksmithing is believed to have begin almost 4,000 years ago when a simple process known as direct reduction was found to produce wrought iron after raw ore was discovered in the red layer of rock strata and in meteorites.  The new substance was used to make simple tools like knives, scrapers and eventually spear and arrowheads that were much tougher and sharper than stone.  Many years since then, after the first blacksmiths created wares for utilitarian needs, metalwork evolved to a more decorative and sculptural element in everyday homes.  This exhibition displays artwork highlighting this evolution of blacksmithing.