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Richards Alien Pet Dog Fish (pink)


An alien pet dog fish with a pink face, yellow body and silver and aqua fins!

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John Richards makes art out of stuff, stuff most people throw away or recycle. After experiencing his artwork it’s nearly impossible to look at pop tops, cat food can lids, computer chip-boards, spark plugs…the same way again. Everything can become something better seems to be John’s mantra, and we’re sure glad it is!

He has a fondness for alien women (don’t ask), and just like their human counterparts, aliens have pets, too.  Now, they may look a little different from YOUR pet, but the aliens love them just the same. 

Hanging sculpture made from can lids, bottle caps, pop-tops, wood, and plaster (head).  Approx. 7″ long; hangs from two hand-bent wires that allow for free 360 degree rotation. 

Artist statement included