Richards Happy Sun Lamp

John Richards


A bright sun to hang on the wall by John D. Richards of western North Carolina.

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John D. Richards is a man of many talents, only one of which is creating 3-D art. John joined the Guild in 2005, and ever since then has been wowing us with his ability to turn anything into Something! From bugs he makes with used spark plugs, plastic bottles, and wire, to hanging fish sculptures made of cat food can lids, to tissue paper and wire lamps, John’s creativity abounds.

This wall lamp is made from layers (and layers) of glued tissue paper over a wire armature. it is colorful and actually looks a lot like a self-portrait. John doesn’t work from a mold; he starts bending and twisting wires until they look like, in this case, a happy sun–each lamp is truly unique.

25 by 23 inches, 4 inches deep. Wire on back for easy hanging on a small nail.

Artist statement included.