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Ann Hord Heatherley Barb Butler Karen Donde


Collaborative doll by Karen Donde, Ann Hord Heatherley and Barb Butler.

  • 24″ x 6″ x 6″
  • Cape fabric (Donde):  Rayon from bamboo; silk/merino wool; handwoven, double two-tie twill.
  • Dress fabric ( Butler):  Bamboo; handwoven in a twill pattern.
  • Figure (Hord-Heatherley): Cloth, sewm, turned and stuffed.  Face sculpted from air dry clay and covered in cloth.  Hair is mohair locks/



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Ann Hord Heatherley

My primary goal in developing each piece is to capture emotion. Inspiration usually comes from places and times in my own life. While the pieces are created from my story, I find that they often remind people of their own.

Barb Butler

Since 2003, Sutherland has produced unique handwoven textiles for the home and table that blend timeless design and modern elegance. Drawing from personal experience and the finest materials, creator Barb Butler infuses traditional pieces such as tea towels and aprons with crisp, clean, and contemporary looks. Often people ask how Barb came up with the name Sutherland. Sutherland is a large clan from Northern Scotland -- the name belongs to many of Barb’s family members. Not only does she love the name, but Barb feels certain that someone in her family must have been a weaver.

Karen Donde

Exploring infinite ways to create patterned textiles drives my fascination with weaving. I am drawn to intricate structural interlacements, but am thrilled when simple combinations of structure, color and texture yield beautiful, complex-looking woven designs. I insist my garments and accessories feel as luxurious as they look, which guides my fiber and technique choices. For me, learning is as exciting as creating, and sharing that learning by teaching others will be a primary focus of my continued development.

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