Segmented Bowl – 2073

Allen Davis

Segmented Bowl – 2073 by Allen Davis of NC. On display at the Treasures Focus Gallery at the Folk Art Center, NC.

  • Turned on a lathe
  • No dyes or stains used
  • All natural wood coloring
  • Finished with oils and waxes
  • Made in NC


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The Treasures Focus Gallery exhibit is now on display at the Folk Art Center – November 9th through February 14th. The Folk Art Center is open daily from 10am-5pm.

Woodworker Davis spent his professional years as head of two Florida corporations. With leisure time to be filled in 1997, the retired executive revived his interest in woodcraft, long dormant since his teen years in high school Industrial Arts classes.

Largely self-taught, he works from his studio/shop in Waynesville, NC, surrounded by great stacks of logs, stumps, branches, roots, castoff cuts, rejected knotty burls, and other natural resources awaiting transformation. Bartered treasures from other craftsmen-pottery & glass-often add artistic function to his turned bowls and trays. Another interest-RV travel-presents opportunities to gather unusual additions to his raw materials: Florida beach driftwood, California redwood roots, Louisiana swamp cypress and pecan, Mississippi tupelo or black gum, North Carolina dogwood and apple, and weathered South Carolina barnwood.