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Fall Blooming Camellia

Chuck Kidwell Laura Gaskin


Collaborative piece by Laura Gaskin and Chuck Kidwell.  Hand embroidered image in hand carved basswood frame.

  • 19″ x 20″
  • Hand embroidery, cotton floss on cotton canvas
  • Hand carved basswood



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Chuck Kidwell

Chuck is a master woodcarver and bronze sculptor. For 38 years he has worked in traditional methods using hand gouges and chisels with a mallet to create beautiful carvings as well as Bronzes that are sculpted by using wax and then cast in bronze. He sculpts animals as well as pictorial reliefs and portraits

Laura Gaskin

I love the beauty of the natural world, and I am fascinated by the ways in which we try to capture and hold on to it. That is the story I tell. I use an embroidery technique that I developed, borrowing from needlepoint and crewel traditions to create a style that is uniquely my own.

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