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Corn Shuck Kitchen Witch

Anne Freels


Colorful corn shuck Kitchen Witch – “I’m a worker of magic, riding my broom; I’m a Kitchen Witch, tending love to this room.  I exorcise all demons; pots boiling over, stew turning black, unsavory dinners, coffee muddy black… faithlessness is a thing of the past, I’m a Kitchen Witch and make good luck last!”

  • Approximately 10″tall x 9″wide
  • Different colors available
  • Made in TN
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Anne Freels

I fell in love with corn shuck dolls in 1975, when I learned how to make one in an Appalachian Studies class during my senior year of High School in Oak Ridge, TN. I have been making the dolls ever since that day. I am a full-time craft artist, and have been a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild since 1989.


Artist Anne Freels is a natural materials artist who has been creating original, one-of-a-kind corn shuck dolls since 1975.

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