Breath of Spring Air – Marbled Silk Scarf

Pam Granger Gale


Hand marbled silk scarves especially designed using custom mixed colors and patterns to set you apart!  This lovely blue, pink and purple flowing scarf will be sure to make you feel like you have had a breath of fresh spring air!

  • Approximately 68″long x 20″wide
  • 100% Habotai silk
  • Hand rolled hem, hand painted
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water by hand, no bleach or bleach substitutes

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The antique process of marbling floats paint on a watery, gel surface.  The environmentally friendly paints are placed on a size of methyl cellulose, also safe for the environment.  While floating, the colors are moved around with a stylus or rake. The fluid nature of the water-based paints allow freedom of each design to be different and customized.  The fluid design is frozen on paper or fabric, preserving the moment of relaxation forever.