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“Nodding Trillium” Print

Jay Pfeil


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Jay Pfeil

Most of my days include hikes in the forested mountains I call home. I am intrigued by the constant changes I see on the same hikes: plants emerge, bloom and die; they glow in sunset, fade in mist, bend in wind and rain. I bring the metal plates that I etch and engrave into the woods with me so I can create the art on location. i make multiple plates for full color and hand=wipe and hand print each one.


“Nodding Trillium” is a 3 plate soft-ground etching, aquatint and engraving printed on Arches rag paper.  Artist Jay Pfeil brings her metal plates in her backpack to where the plant is growing and creates the soft-ground etchings by color separating as she draws on multiple plates.  She then finished the engraving and printing in her studio.  It takes her years to print the whole edition.  This is part of an ongoing series of ‘Plant Portraits’ that Jay has been adding to every year for many years.

  • Matted size: 14″wide x 20″tall
  • Image: 7″wide x 12″tall
  • Limited edition 71/95
  • Print Disclosure is included
  • Made in NC
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