Segmented Wooden Ikebana Vase

Allen Davis

Segmented wooden ikebana vase.  The insert is of weighted metal which contains multiple spikes to allow you to place fresh cut flowers inside.  This insert can be removed with the flowers and placed in the fridge overnight.  This allows for an extended life and fresh appearance for several days.  The insert is sealed and allows you to be able to put water inside to help fuel the life of the flowers.

You can also replace the metal insert with an oil candle insert or simply place a store bought candle in the recess.

  • Assorted sizes
  • Made in NC

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Now known for his focus on “polychromatic segmented woodturning,”  Allen Davis’ latest series involves the use of native hardwoods, (cut from his own 10-acre NC hardwood rain forest) layered alternately with imported exotic hardwoods. He has harvested Black Walnut, Cherry, and Oak, from the woods lying along Winchester Creek.  New raw materials come from a fellow woodworker, a countertop laminator, who often donates a mysterious collection of exotic wood dropcuts from his  waste bin.  These exotics often include Cocobolo, Brazilian Cherry, Zebrawood, Marblewood, Yellowheart, Purpleheart, Bloodwood, Ebony, Pink Ivory, or Snakewood. (His friend had always paid a waste management company to haul these away for burning!) Each unique vessel pieced from precision-cut segments reflects  his evolving style with new color, pattern, and textural variety.

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