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Hand-Blown Spiral Vase

Robert Levin


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Robert Levin

I was originally attracted to hot glass because of its liquid qualities and sense of immediacy. I have always tried to capture some of the elegance, fluidity, gesture, and whimsy which I feel are inherent properties of glass. I formulate many of my own glass colors, and often use layers of different colors within each piece to create subtle shading or contrast. The approaches I use are eclectic and personal at the same time -- sort of a blend of Late Venetian and Early Neurotic.


Tall glass vase wrapped with an elegant spiral.  Artist Robert Levin formulates and melts most of the colored glass he uses in his work.  Each piece is free-blown and hot-worked, then frosted by sand-blasting and acid-etching.

  • 10.5″tall x 4″wide
  • Made in NC
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