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SOLD – Transcendence – Hand Painted Scarf by Joanna White

Joanna White

This piece is part of Stellar Objectives, the current exhibit in the Folk Art Center’s Main Gallery. Stellar Objectives features the work of the newest members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild creating work in fiber, clay, glass, metal and wood.

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Joanna White

Joanna specializes in creating hand-painted art to wear on silk with layers of soy wax and French acid dyes. Color aptitude is her gift as she seeks to mirror the inspiration found in nature, beautiful skies and the joy of life found everywhere in our natural world.


Stellar Objectives is on display until January 19, 2020 during regular open hours of the Folk Art Center.

  • Indian cashmere, silk
  • Hand painted with brushes, layered with soy wax and dyes to create the feeling of water
  • This piece will be shipped after the close of the exhibition on January 19th, 2020
  • Shipping cost will be determined and billed at that time
  • Made in 2019

“Nature provides the inspiration for my paintings.  They originate from something in the environment that captures my attention, that I cannot resist the urge to translate my feelings/inspiration about the scene into a painted image.  I am absorbed by the process and develop an intimate relationship with my painting; we converse… I tell it what I want, it tells me what it wants; we compromise.  Like planting seeds in a garden and witnessing bare soil erupt into color, I watch with anticipation as my ideas come to life in color on my silk.

Most of my paintings are translated into art to wear in bold colors and abstract designs inspired by nature.  The dyes, accompanied by soy wax resists, sparkle with wonderful brilliance on the luminous silk, and even though I like painting with bold colors, the silk gives them a delicate softness.

I approach each painting with a sense of wonder, since the reaction of the dyes with the silk, like nature, is unpredictable.  The promise of that adventure, that dance, that meditation, is what keeps me tearing off pieces of white silk from my bolt and painting them into life.”

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