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Wheel Thrown Soup Mug

Michael Rutkowsky


Wheel thrown low soup mug with trailed glaze design over dry clay.

  • 3″tall x 5″wide x 6 1/2″wide w/handle
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe
  • Made in NC

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Michael Rutkowsky

I make a wide array of functional and decorative forms. My pots are an extension of my love for the process and medium of clay, slips, and glazes, all of which I have formulated and continue to make from the raw materials. I decorate my unfired ware with slips using trailing, brushing, and fingercombing patterns I have developed over time. Celadon glazes are fired to cone 10 in a reduction atmosphere bringing the layers to the surface for a unified body & glaze layer. The outcome is never 100% predictable, the firing has its way with the pots.

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