Assorted Animal Cups

Meghan Bernard


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Meghan Bernard

I love making the objects that people use during their daily rituals. The favorite coffee cup that starts the day, the serving bowl that completes a family gathering, the teapot that brings drama and humor to a collection. Pottery is meant to be used and touched for both the most humble activity as well as the most important. Each piece is from my hand to yours, as a tactile reminder to appreciate the moment and those you share it with.

Material: Clay


Cups with assorted animals in different patterns and colors.   Great for Whiskey, wine, juice, water, etc…   Artist Meghan Bernard creates a silhouette of an animal with underglaze transfer paper.

  • Approximately 4″tall x 3.5″wide
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Food-safe glazes
  • Made in NC

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