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Frances L. Goodrich’s Coverlet and Counterpane Drafts

Southern Highland Craft Guild


A collection of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century weaving drafts from the Southern Highlands region of Appalachia.

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In the late nineteenth century Francis Goodrich was among the first people to promote a revival of weaving as a cottage industry in the North Carolina mountains, founding Allanstand Cottage Industries, later donating its assets to the newly formed Southern Highland Handicraft Guild.

This collection of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century weaving drafts from the Southern Highlands region of Appalachia includes 112 overshot drafts and drawdowns, and 31 drafts and drawdowns for the all-white summertime cotton bedspreads called counterpanes. Color photos of the original samples are shown side by side with valuable modern translations of the drafts, which enable today’s weavers to make them.

A vibrant example of our weaving heritage, these drafts were originally gathered in the nine states of the Southern Highlands region between 1892 and 1918 by the legendary Frances L. Goodrich. To mountain families, handwoven counterpanes and coverlets were important possessions, and often were the only item of beauty in their otherwise impoverished living conditions.

These are drafts Goodrich carefully collected but did not include in her classic Brown Book. Dozens of vintage photographs of Goodrich, the communities she served, and the women who invented the drafts help bring this part of our American craft heritage to life. Size: 12″ x 9″ | 308 color & b/w images | 176 pp

About the author: As a native of the Southern Highlands, Barbara Miller has made a conscious effort to preserve and use her weaving heritage for over 40 years.  She is a Life Member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild.

Book is 12 in. by 9 in.; 176 pages with 308 color & black/white images.

*All proceeds from the sale of this book go toward the Southern Highland Craft Guild’s education funds.

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