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Gow Cottonwood Bark Cottage w/ Tree


A large cottonwood cottage by Tom Gow of South Carolina.

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Tom Gow’s carvings are all about imagination: first he uses his own creativity to create (and uncover) the whimsical cottage in each piece of Cottonwood bark; and then our own sense of wonder is tapped when we see the carvings–who lives in there? How did they build it? What would we do if WE lived in there…!

From his studio in South Carolina Tom creates a wonder-ful world of tiny cottages, or fairy houses, out of the bark of Cottonwood trees.  Cottonwood bark is built up of many layers of dead tissue (which on most trees comes off in thin layers every year or so), over the lifetime of the tree.  The bark is harvested from old, dying, or dead trees, and can take up to three years before the bark is suitable for carving.

Tom has been a wood carver since 1991, and loves sharing his craft with others, teaching in and around the area of the Southern Highlands.

This whimsical cottage stands 15 in. high, 7 in. wide, and 4 in. deep. It has a carved tree at its base, a small bridge over the front door, and a secret little back door.

Artist statement and information about Cottonwood bark included.