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Craft Fair

of the

Southern Highlands


Featured artist: Teresa Hays

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Hosted in downtown Asheville at Harrah's Cherokee Center, artisans will fill both the concourse and arena levels of the venue, exhibiting a variety of craft ranging from contemporary to traditional in works of clay, wood, metal, glass, fiber, natural materials, paper, leather, mixed media, and jewelry. Join us for this unique shopping experience and enjoy live music and craft demonstrations during your visit. Please read the latest Covid-19 Policy for Harrah's Cherokee Center-Asheville. 

Thursday - Saturday

10:00am - 6:00pm


10:00am - 5:00pm



1.  Ed & Kate Coleman

2.  Mike Sorge

3.  Jason Janow

4.  Erin Janow

5.  Colin Richmond

6.  Marti Mocahbee

7.  Phillip Nolley

8.  Travis Berning

9.  Robert Milnes

10.  Amy Brandenburg

11.  Anne Freels

12.  Kim Thompson

13.  Joe Waldroup

14.  Jennifer Jenkins

15.  Lee Entrekin

16.  Lynne Fiorenza/Mark Traub

17.  Mary Timmer

18.  Julie Calhoun-Roepnack

19.  Erica Bailey

20.  Xee Yang

21.  Jason Probstein

22.  Wren Hendrickson

23.  Chad Alice Hagen

24.  Ilene Kay

25.  Audrey Laine Sawyer

26.  Kelsey Schissel

27.  Meghan Bernard

28.  Andy Costine

29.  Rachelle Davis

30.  Crossnore Weaving Room

31.  Melanie Miller

32.  Kristin Schoonover

33.  Tavia Brown

34.  Jon Ladd

35.  Roberto Vengoechea

36.  Cat Jarosz

37.  John Gunther

38.  Tamela Wells

39.  Lisa Mergen

40.  Jim Gentry

41.  Wendy Seaward

42.  Kathleen Doyle/Tom Reardon

43.  Doug Dacey

44.  John Dickens

45.  Jan Havens

46.  Lucy’s Toys

47.  Lorraine Cathey


100.  Nathan Favors

101.  Bill & Tina Collison

102.  Teresa Hays

103.  Steve Miller

104.  Barbara Jones

105.  Richard Flottemesch

106.  Jude Stuecker

107.  Vickie Vipperman

108.  Ruthie Cohen

109.  Lyn Lyndall

110.  Brian Brace

111.  Harry Hearne

112.  Emily Tuttle

113.  Larry & Deborah Drake

114.  Vicki Love

200.  James Edward Barnes

201.  Karen Noggle

202.  Sheree Sorrells

203.  Mark Gardner

204.  John Furches

205.  Sarah Tremaine

206.  Stuart Nye Jewelry

207.  Beer Chunhaswasdikul

208.  Alan Daigre

209.  Ray Jones

210.  Lisa Besler

211.  Bonnie Scott

213.  Haywood Studios

300.  Jim Whalen

302.  Janet Renfro

303.  Tracy McCracken Palmer

304.  Steve Joslyn

305.  Martha Owen

306.  Hayley Davison

307.  Walt Cottingham

308.  Susan Spies

309.  Liz Spear

310.  Holland Van Gores

311.  Neal Howard

312.  Lyle Wheeler

501.  Mark Eubank

502.  Gina Eubank

503.  Charles Steve Adams

601.  Mia Tyson

602.  Larry Allen

603.  Bayley Wharton  


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The Guild's Craft Fair tradition started in 1948 in Gatlinburg, TN on the grounds of Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts. At this inaugural fair, the Guild connected visitors with the most talented craftsmen and showed the importance of handicrafts in the life of southern Appalachia. 


Today, the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands is held twice every year (July & October) in downtown Asheville, North Carolina at Harrah's Cherokee Center. It brings together hundreds of makers in what has become a key event for craft. These events are unique in that they offer attendees the opportunity to connect with the artists by purchasing directly from them. In an age of mass production and global imports, the connection to fine American craft and the individual maker is often lost but more significant than ever.

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More than two hundred craftspeople fill two floors of the Civic Center twice each year. Local musicians play live on the arena stage; craft educators share their knowledge with adults and children alike through demonstrations and hands-on projects. Eleven thousand visitors from all over the country participate in festivities during the four days of the show. Over the course of the event, nearly a million dollars are invested in the purchase of crafts.

The unprecedented year of 2020 brought the Guild into the new age of virtual events and they successfully hosted their first-ever Virtual Craft Fairs of the Southern Highlands. 

About the Guild

For 90 years, the Southern Highland Craft Guild has curated a group of juried artisans for the purpose of marketing, education, shared resources, and conservation of Appalachian Craft. Our four retail locations in Western North Carolina sell the work of over 800 of our juried members.


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