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In order to uphold the mission of providing a marketplace for the creative community in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Southern Highland Craft Guild is attempting to continue their 73-year old tradition by hosting their first-ever virtual Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands, July 16-19th, 2020.

This four-day online event will feature a directory of artisans of fine craft, both traditional and contemporary. Visitors to the site will have the opportunity to explore works of clay, fiber, glass, leather, metal, paper, wood, jewelry, and more through the virtual “booths” of participating members. Visitors can shop directly from artists, watch videos of craft demonstrations, interact with artists in their studios through live streams, and participate in a raffle drawing. All proceeds from the raffle will go towards the Guild’s education department.

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Earth 2 Art Pottery

Brian Boggs Chairmakers

Mangum Pottery

Lynne Fiorenza Jewelry

Rachelle Davis

Sarah Wells Rolland

Good Night Irene!

Zest Jewelry Art

Crucible Glassworks

Popcorn Studio Pottery

The Shedio/Ed and Martha Biggar

Whitewoven  Textile Arts Studio

Sabbath-Day Woods

Winchester Woodworks

Spies Design

Doe Ridge Pottery

Steven Forbes-deSoule

Rutkowsky Pottery

Joseph Rhodes Jewelry

Brian Brace Fine Furniture

Audrey Laine Collection


David Voorhees Pottery

Sue Grier Pottery

Melting Mountain Pottery

Batton Clayworks

Debbie Littledeer

Collene Karcher

Timmer Designs

Linda Azar

JCR Designs

Lorraine Cathey Fiber Works

Magruder glass

Diana Gillispie Pottery

Hona Leigh Ceramics

Ordinary Furniture

Michele Alexander Jewelry

nathan favors

Mike Sorge ~ Woodturning in Flight


Selena Glass & Metal

Charity Hall Designs

Laura Peery

The Alchemist's Garden

Becky Lloyd

Jude Stuecker

Jennifer Jenkins Jewelry


Transformation Glass

Brad Warstler

Brittain Beads

Van Dyke Jewelry

Ed and Kate Coleman

Amy Brandenburg Studio

Andy Costine

Ruthie Cohen Jewelry

Art Jewelry by Ilene

Ray Jones Woodcrafts

Turtle Island Pottery

Byers McCurry Studio

Berea College Student Craft

New World Textiles, LLC

Erica Stankwytch Bailey, Metal and Mineral

Zan Barnes Pottery

Darla Beverage

Oatka Glass Studio

e. janow pottery

Angelique Tassistro Ceramics


Charlie Patricolo


Terry Gess Pottery

Bill and Tina Collison

jackie taylor designs

Dreamwind Flutes

Susan McDonough Jewelry

Colin's Creatures

Q  Evon

Janow Metalsmithing

Majik Studios

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Live Stream Schedule
July 16th-19th

Preview the live stream schedule for the Fair where you can meet & watch the artists LIVE inside their studios. 


Until the Online Summer Edition of the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands

History of the Craft Fair

In 1948, the first Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands was held in Gatlinburg, TN on a Summer evening under canvas tents at Arrowmount School of Crafts. This was the first attempt of a marketplace for craftsmen of the Southern Highlands. This year marks our 72nd year continuing the legacy of a craft marketplace. 

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