Small Enameled Fern Circle Earrings

Susan McDonough


Enameled forest green, ice blue, or Prussian blue fern circle earrings with sterling silver granulation. They have beautiful movement and can be worn every day.

  • Drop is 9mm x 22mm
  • Sterling and glass
  • Made in NC


These earrings are enameled in a forest green, ice blue, and Prussian blue. These are cast from a wax mold of a granulated fern circle made using the ancient technique of precision fusing called granulation. Each piece is cast in sterling silver and then carefully polished, cleaned and packed with wet powdered glass which is then fused in a kiln. The earrings are then sanded and heated in the kiln again and then a final polish and cleaning after attaching a sterling silver forged French hook clasp. These are lightweight with great dangle movement.

To see Susan’s granulation process click here.

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Weight 0.5 lbs

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