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Turned Wine Stopper

Warren Carpenter


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Warren Carpenter

Woodworking has always been a part of my life, but what else would you expect from a Carpenter? I was a homebuilder for 30 years and built furniture and sculpted in wood in my spare time. Since 1999, my passion has been turning wood. With a creative eye and an ever-expanding knowledge of wood, I am always watching for that special piece of a tree that can become a unique turning or piece of art. My goal is to expose the natural beauty of the wood in a pleasant shape that when finished will stimulate both the senses of sight and feel.


While preparing wood for turning bowls, there are many pieces of wood and burl that are just not suited for bowls, but to beautiful to toss in the burn pile. Artist Warren Carpenter saves these piece for wine stoppers. Wood piece screws off for cleaning.

  • Wood pieces vary widely
  • Natural edge and finished edge available
  • If you are particular about the wood piece, please include preference with your order
  • Made in SC

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