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One Legged Wooden Stool

Fatie Atkinson


This is a One Legged Wooden Stool. This is a great stool for anyone who is on the move, be it on the trail, sporting events, music festivals, around the office or just sitting around with friends. It is modern, yet functional and a great conversation starter.

  • 22 3/4″tall x 14″wide x 4 3/4″deep
  • Easy to carry with handle in the leg, or strap to a back pack like a skateboard
  • Made in NC
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Fatie Atkinson

Working with wood is like problem solving. Every new piece is the answer. I start with a clear design and a sketch, but as I cut and measure the wood, I see something better. What I envision continues to evolve as I try to give my work a little more, that extra detail. I like my designs to have layers like a poem the deeper you look the more you find. I challenge myself to create that new idea every time.


Artist Fatie Atkinson finishes the stool with a custom oil blend to bring out the woods natural beauty.  The 1 1/8″ rubber stoppers don’t last forever, and are found at most hardware stores.  There is an inherent risk to a one-legged stool, and you except all responsibility.

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